Lincoln Consulting Group, LLC evolved from Lincoln Brokerage Company, Inc. which was founded in 1993 to provide multifamily advisory services to owners and investors in multifamily properties. Lincoln Consulting Group, LLC continues as a boutique firm focused on providing the most complete and knowledgeable investment advice to our investment funds, partners and clients. Lincoln has provided advisory transactional services and/or direct investment in over 16,290 units, totaling more than $1.8 billion.

The Lincoln Team, with a clear focus on multifamily debt or assets, concentrates its resources and expertise on the apartment sector. This clarity of purpose and the synergy it creates makes the process of advising our investment funds, partners and clients in facilitating transactions, as efficient as possible, while at the same time maximizing return on investment.

We are dedicated to providing timely and strategic solutions across the full spectrum of the multifamily investment market: from high net worth individuals to institutional investors.


Lincoln Consulting Group, LLC has successfully assembled an experienced group of Multifamily Advisors in a boutique firm. In fact our advisory team is comprised of seasoned professionals with an average of over 15 years experience in apartment brokerage, investment banking, or development. The Lincoln Consulting Group, LLC philosophy is to provide to our investment funds, partners and clients the most experienced advisors available in each marketplace supported by the firm’s innovative support divisions. This strategy allows the advisor to focus their experience and expertise on the needs of the investor while providing the advisor and investor with the best resources in the industry. This powerful combination creates the Lincoln Consulting Group’s team of multifamily professionals.


Each of Lincoln Consulting Group, LLC’s investment funds, partners, and clients unique acquisition or disposition needs are satisfied by the firm’s professional advisors operating out of our headquarters in Newport Beach, California. The most up-to-date national owner and investor database supports these professionals. The Lincoln database is updated daily by our in-house research division. This combination of real-time shared information across regional and national markets plus highly experienced advisors provides the broadest possible exposure to qualified investors along with the best possible market information.