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evolved from Lincoln Brokerage Company, Inc. which was founded in June 1993 by James Reed to provide multifamily advisory services to owners and investors in multifamily properties. Lincoln Consulting Group, LLC continues as a boutique firm focused on providing the most complete and knowledgeable investment advice to our investment funds, partners and clients. Lincoln has provided advisory transactional services and/or direct investment in over 14,208 units, totaling more than $1 billion.

In late 2003 Lincoln expanded their services through the formation of a division dedicated to the purpose of acquiring income producing real estate properties. Lincoln’s Direct Investments Division pursues our goals of acquiring income producing real estate opportunities offering long-term cash flow and the possibility of significant profit potential over a long-term holding period. We will grow our portfolio by strategically focusing on undervalued investment properties and debt in Northern and Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Texas. Lincoln’s Direct Investment Division is well positioned to capitalize on the economic cycles of the targeted economies and recovery cycles in our other key targeted markets. Lincoln aggressively focuses on acquiring properties from sellers where Lincoln's experience has come to discover market dislocations in value that we feel will provide long term growing cash flow and profit potential.

Investment Program

Lincoln structures investment programs that include the identification of potential real estate investments, analysis of current as well as projected operations, and negotiation of the acquisition and financing of the property. After a thorough internal analysis, Lincoln will develop and implement a business action plan for each acquisition that often includes:

Once Lincoln has made the decision to acquire a property we act swiftly and decisively in order to take advantage of the opportunity. Being confident in the strength and skill of our analysis, experience and decision making ability, Lincoln participates with hands-on involvement through every stage of the strategic plan for the property.


Lincoln believes that real estate investment takes intelligence as well as common sense. The professionals at Lincoln and its partners have the experience, knowledge and skill to successfully determine what is required to transform an under-performing property into a profitable enterprise. The Lincoln Team believes that the current commercial real estate market, particularly with respect to multifamily residential properties, still offers the astute investor the opportunity to realize long term appreciating cash flow coupled with significant profits.

Team Synergy

We have assembled a team of skilled real estate professionals with a high degree of experience gained from their individual involvement in real estate investments of more than one billion dollars of commercial and residential real estate in the United States. Due to past performance, Lincoln has established a reputation as an experienced, reliable advisor and investor with buyers and sellers of properties from both the private sector as well as from institutional owners who desire to reposition or liquidate their real estate assets. In addition, Lincoln evaluates each acquisition on a financial leverage basis. As interest rates have remained relatively low, the ability to achieve positive leverage between the stabilized capitalization rate and current interest rate will produce favorable operating cash flow results. This will enable Lincoln to produce increased yields for their investors and partners, while maintaining prudent risk levels at the same time.

Lincoln creates asset performance and knows how to spot turnaround real estate investment opportunities. Lincoln is a unique team of highly accomplished real industry professionals with over 75 years of collective experience in identifying, acquiring, renovating, operating, and profitably selling income producing real estate. Lincoln offers a highly evolved asset investment model that seeks to deliver consistently steady cash flow coupled with high returns, while mitigating investor risk. Lincoln's continued success in creating steady economic returns from acquired and repositioned income property has cumulatively produced over one billion dollars in asset value for our clients.

Quality real estate investment opportunities in changing and complex markets can elude even the most astute investors. Many viable income-producing properties experience problems due to over leveraging, poor management, flawed infrastructure, or weak marketing that has failed to achieve targeted returns for these assets. Lincoln Consulting Group, LLC specializes in finding properties for our partners and investors.

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